AFS Ground Handling can take care of all the details throughout your trip – starting with planning and finishing with take-off and landing.
AFS gives you the opportunity to perform flight operations to any part of the world and use the following services not only in Georgia, but at any airport worldwide:

• Georgia O/F and landing permissions, including very urgent request;
• O/F and landing permits worldwide;
• Weather and NOTAMs;
• Ramp handling – Flight planning – Passenger Handling – Supervision;
• Airport fees (including all fees for aircraft handling);
• Slot coordination;
• Crew lounge and rest facilities in Georgia free of charge;
• VIP and CIP lounge;
• Hotel reservation and crew discounts;
• Customs and immigration assistance;
• Catering;
• Fuel;
• Crew/Passenger transportation;
• Entry visa for crew and passengers;
• Cargo services (loading, offloading, door to door);
• Full credit facilities
... And others by crew request

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