AFS carries out air and ground transportation of all kinds of cargo. Our professional team provides export/import and transit terminal cargo services. We own approved and certified cargo terminal staffed with qualified personnel. We are also certified to carry out handling of Dangerous Goods.
At Tbilisi International Airport we provide cargo service to all the airlines, which conduct cargo transportation. We also carry out ground transportation of cargo in Georgia, as well as in other countries of Caucasian region and Europe.
We assure that you will be satisfied with our service, which is guaranteed by our considerable experience in this field of service.

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AFS Ground Handling LTD 0158, Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia

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With Best Regards AFS Ground Handling LTD

Address: Tbilisi International Airport, Georgia
Telephone: +995 322 433146
FAX:+995 322 948161
Others:+995 790 267267